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Houston Perspectives is a Focus Group recruiting and research company servicing Louisiana and the Gulf Coast.

Whether you are looking to test a new product, hear jury feedback, or gather medical research data, the most important part of any discussion group starts with finding the right participants. We understand the nuances associated with each recruit and work with the client to make sure the recruiting process is optimized for our unique region.

With expertise in marketing, law, and economics, New Orleans Perspectives was founded from a passion for social science. We integrate pertinent qualitative data  at all stages of the project, from recruiting analytics to focus group feedback.

Casey Mintzer

A graduate economist and marketing specialist, Casey has always had a passion for the people behind the numbers. After graduating from Tulane University, she worked as an economist at a multinational engineering firm. From there, she moved on to marketing and focus group management before founding Houston Perspectives.

Christopher Cantrall

Vice-President & General Counsel
Christopher is a corporate attorney turned entrepreneur with an undergraduate degree from Claremont McKenna College and a JD from William & Mary. His previous experience in the corporate and legal worlds have attuned him to the varied needs of clients, big and small, from a wide variety of industries.

Aimee Cedro

Senior Research Recruiter
Aimee has a passion for re-use, sustainability and working within her community. Born and raised in the Philippines with a stop in New Jersey, she has a decade of experience working in nonprofit organizations. She’s a natural conversationalist with multiple skills under her belt and enjoys working with companies to shape a better world.
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