Project Conception

The first step in conducting any focus group is project conception: determining what questions you are looking to answer and who (what types of people) can best answer these questions. Houston Perspectives can work from phase one with the client to conceptualize what they are trying to gain from the focus group. From here, we will draft and/or edit a screener that will bring you the participants you need.

Project Conception – Screeners

What is a screener?  A focus group screener is an over-the-phone questionnaire that specifies the characteristics of the people you want to interview.

Why is the right screener so important? A screener helps find the participants you need, but even more importantly, the right screener will make sure to eliminate participants that are not a good fit for your study.

For example:

Are you looking for feedback on a food product? You already have an age and an income distribution in mind, but have we screened for food allergies that might be in the new product? Perhaps the participant is so set in their ways they are unwilling to try something new, or maybe he or she just started a new diet plan.

Are you looking for mock jurors? Aside from an organic demographic makeup, are we certain the mock jurors don’t know anybody involved in the actual case? Have they been personally affected by subject matters involved in the legal case that would greatly impact the entire jury room?

Medical research tends to be the most specific. Are you looking to get feedback on a developing medication? Is the participant willing and open to discuss their medical condition? Is he or she on other pharmaceuticals that might interact poorly with the proposed medication?

The considerations are plentiful and every project in unique.  Without proper project conception, the value of the research is diminished. Houston Perspectives will help you navigate the waters of question routing and project conception.  We’re also more than happy to utilize a screener you provide.

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