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Mock Juries and legal focus groups are a valuable tool for attorneys and law firms in preparation for an upcoming trial. They are conducted to get a sense of how jurors of different demographics might respond to possible arguments, witness statements, presentations and more.  Mock juries provide the best platform to test out multiple arguments and approaches and have you and your team review results in real time.

Mock juries can be abbreviated to a half day, run for a full day, or can run for multiple days where we ask mock jurors to return each morning.

Our recruiting team will find mock jurors that best resemble the makeup of your actual jury pool and are eligible for jury duty in the desired region. Customized consideration is given to each mock jury recruit to make sure jurors have no relation to the case and have no obvious bias towards the topics discussed.

Houston Perspectives was founded with a basis in legal expertise.  Let us work with you to deliver a mock jury that drives real results and improves your client’s outcome. Our management team can draft a screener (preliminary questionnaire) for your specific jury needs, or you can provide one of your own.

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